Waning Moon House Cleansing Ritual

Waning Moon House Cleansing Ritual

The celestial phase of the waning moon has long been viewed as a time of cleansing, removing, and purifying. With its gradual descent from fullness, it is a wise celestial guide for letting go. 

By aligning your decluttering with this lunar phase, you can transform tedious cleaning into a powerful tool for releasing what no longer serves you and welcoming positive energy into your home. As a bonus, or maybe even your main intent, it can make the task at hand feel less dull and more purposeful. 

Set your Intentions

I like to start any ritual with an intention setting. Whether you do it thoroughly with your journal or close your eyes to visualize what you wish to accomplish and receive, it is a good idea to have some sort of direction in mind.

This is also helpful with any household task, such as cleaning, decluttering, reorganizing, decorating, etc. It’s easy to lose track of your purpose, which can make the job daunting or even cause resentment to build as you work, which is not the energy you are trying to bring to your most sacred space– your home. 

If you do wish to spend a day mindlessly floating around, picking away at things and doing what comes to you, I love it! Set that as your intention and enjoy. Consider putting a crystal in your pocket to hold and remember this intention if you suspect guilt or pressure might try to haunt you. 

If you have a little more need for focus and making progress, then setting a more specific intention could keep you from spending too much time in any particular area, or too focused on the chore aspect of things and lose sight of your magical purpose.

Choose the area of your home you want to focus on and consider how you want to feel in that space. Who else lives with you, and how do you want them to feel and interact with the space? What about guests? Welcome and otherwise! What do you want to feel when you walk in the front door of your home? What do you want each person to feel when they climb into their beds? What do you want the energy to be at meal times? At family game time? How do you want to feel when you look at your plants?

Try to visualize what you want to see, feel, smell, touch, hear…

If you’re determined to do your full home rather than one section at a time, make sure you are setting a realistic goal for the amount of time you have, or are prepared to make it only a portion of the way through in your allotted time if your vision is ambitious. Guilt, shame, and chronic stress are killers of magic, so while it is fine to be someone who reaches for the stars, make sure you’re being kind to your spirit and allow time for smelling the roses.

Each Discarded Item is a Whispered Spell

Clutter, both physical and emotional, can cause stagnation and block the Source’s flow of abundance, peace, and the other desires of your heart. It’s like telling the universe, “I’m full, stop sending the good stuff, it’s burying me!”

Releasing what no longer serves you allows you to better care for the items you choose to keep. It’s like signaling to the universe that you are ready to receive, and that you are a good steward of what you are sent. 

 By donating items in good condition, you allow things to go on to those who will enjoy and use them. Letting go of worn-out objects allows them to finally rest and be recycled or decompose. 

I know some things do end up in landfills that cannot break down. It’s noble to upcycle where you can… but if your good intentions have led to unusable space in your home, unhealthy air quality, or a chaotic mind, then you are being blocked from the full potential you could be contributing to life. At that point, you aren’t keeping something from a landfill, but instead, you are becoming one.

This process isn’t just about your physical space, it’s about your energetic space too. Holding onto things that no longer resonate with you will lead to stagnation, or even guilty energy, blocking your creativity and zest for life. You have permission to remove these energetic burdens, making room for fresh, vibrant energy to flow in your space and in your life. This will open you up to new possibilities.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

We form attachments to things. Some of us more than others. What if you’re struggling to part with something that has a lot of sentimental value? Even parting with something that seems like it could be useful, valuable, or turned into something else can be difficult. If you are in the beginning stages, and you have plenty of other things you could part with that won’t bring you those feelings of hesitation, go ahead and start there. Sometimes clearing everything around an item can bring it back to life for you.

For example, your dusty old teddy bear might only be bringing you feelings of guilt these days, as you carry it from home to home but don’t want it on display. Or, less sentimental, you have a really good box that might be used for something good someday…but it only ever gets lost in your clutter. 

If you focus on removing other items that are easier to part with quickly, you might find you have a nice open space in your upper closet to place a couple of good boxes. Or you might find your teddy bear doesn’t look so bad on your end table, and even adds a rustic charm, now that your end table isn’t already spilling over with stuff you once thought you wanted or needed. 

A cooking vessel you don’t use very frequently, but belonged to someone special, or even your little electronic gadgets that didn’t get used because it was too much of a pain to dig them out… you might find you aren’t parting with it after all once you get some more real estate in your home. That cool vessel might have a central spot on your shelf now, showing that even a pantry shelf can look cool!

Part of the magic is in knowing there is another waning moon. Go ahead and start where you can, and watch as abundance and clarity flow into your mind and life. This will inspire you to trust the universe with all those things and to bring you what you need when you let go.

When you do choose to part with an item, hold it and thank it for what it brought to your life. If you think it will be of value to someone else, say “may you go on to bring joy/usefulness to someone else.” If you don’t think it will hold value for someone else, you might say, “Go on to rest now, my friend, thank you for everything.” 

Dusting, Sweeping, and Washing Invite Magical Transformation

By clearing away dust and cobwebs, sweeping, vacuuming, and washing counters and floors and cabinet fronts, you’re not just making things look cleaner, you’re actively removing energy blockages and creating space for new, vibrant energy to circulate. 

This renewed energy is similar to freshly prepared soil, it creates fertile ground for your desires to take root and flourish, attracting abundance, opportunities, relationships, and simply a sense of peace and clarity. You will feel better in your home. It will brighten up and reflect more light. Depressing and anxious feelings can lift, and you may find yourself more inspired to start new hobbies, get creative in the kitchen, and spend more time with your loved ones. 

Moving things out of the way and finding hidden spots of dust and grime can also help you find and remove the hidden blockages and unhealthy areas in your own life. If you find that you have repeat challenges in your life, or toxic people have a way of finding you, you might find it helpful to locate and clean the forgotten and neglected areas of your home. 

You can use enchanted ingredients in your cleansing, such as moon water spray or a magical floor wash, including ingredients with intentions, such as Rosemary for magnifying any magic you do, sage for purification, rose petals for love and passion, and even some drops of essential oil. Just make sure what you use is safe on your surfaces! 

Purify your Cleansed Space

My number one way to do this is with a stick of incense, and often some music. When I’m doing a cleansing ritual, I’m quite busy with…well… cleaning. If something is happening with a room that calls me to go bigger, or even if I have a nice bundle of herbs I’m itching to use, I will do what is calling to me. Often, grabbing a stick of incense, or a purifying spray, will do the trick just fine.

Open the windows up so that the smoke can take the old energy out with it. Go into all the corners of a room. Reach into each corner of the closet. Reach into each shelf of a bookshelf or pantry, open up, and get into the cupboards. Let the music also reach each corner of the room.

The stagnation will lift flow out the windows, and the room will be left with a remnant of the scent. I love to use cedar incense for expelling harmful energies and for protection, and it matches the cozy cabin-like feel of our home. Lemongrass is another favorite, for clearing blockages and offering a fresh, uplifting scent. 

Once I’ve reached each corner of a room, I will put the incense stick into a holder (often in a planter with a houseplant, in my case), and leave it to finish burning with the windows open. I let the room air before closing them back up. If I’ve done the whole house, I choose a central room to let the incense finish and leave all the windows and doors open (unless currently inhabited by someone who is seeking privacy!) until the incense has finished and the smoke has cleared.

You might create an incantation for each room you go through, whisper your intentions as you go, or just sing along with your music and add the magic of your voice to the ritual while knowing in your heart what your intention is. Make it your own.


You did it. Isn’t it nice and fresh? If you didn’t accomplish as much as you hoped, focus on what you did. Your space has at least changed some, no? If something distracted you, make sure you acknowledge that it, too, may have been important. Perhaps you accomplished something else as well.

Stand in a central space where you worked, take it all in, and say something like “My space is now open for fresh opportunities and abundance. So mote it be.”

Make it Your Own

Remember, your intention is key. When you look at the work ahead of you to a clean feeling at home, and you desire to feel free of the negative energy and grime, keeping your true purpose in mind can elevate the task from “dreaded chore” status to “inspirationally transforming your space.” 

Take a moment to look at each space with gratitude as you move along. We can tend to focus more on the things that bother us, like the drawer that keeps rolling open, or the old yellow bathtub… but what about the areas of charm? What about the fact that you have drawers to put things in? You have running water to wash your dishes with. You have a counter to prepare food on. 

Take some before and after pictures so you can see the difference you have made, and feel free to share them with me! I love a good before and after picture!

Enjoy your home and your space!

Blessed Be!

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