How to Enchant Your Home

How to Enchant Your Home

A Home Enchanting Guide for Magical Practitioners

Home is more than just a dwelling. For many of us, it is the most sacred space, a reflection of the inner self, and the place we begin and end every day. Home is a sacred and enchanting place, but with the fast-paced world in which we live, home sometimes doesn’t feel very enchanting. 

Home can feel like a place of drudgery and chores. It can feel like a lonely and empty space, a cluttered and frustrating space, or even a place of conflict and grief. 

How do we transform our less-than-enchanting houses into magical homes brimming with protection, peace, and personal power? Join me on a magical journey to bring some magic into our homes. I will give you some ideas, and I hope you will share some of yours with me!

Connecting with the Spirit of Your Dwelling

Before you begin clearing, cleansing, and crafting spells, take the time to listen to your home. Walk through its spaces, place your hands on its walls, and feel the energy. 

How does the energy feel? is it welcoming and vibrant, or stagnant and heavy? Pay attention to recurring sensations or sounds. 

Talk to your home. This might seem odd, but verbalizing your gratitude, hopes, and concerns fosters a deep connection. Express your intention to create a harmonious space, inviting the spirit of your home to participate in your magical practice. Your home will begin to glow at your acknowledgment that it is an entity and not just an inanimate object.

What is your home’s history? Did it have previous owners? How do you think they treated the home? What do you know of the land before the home was placed there? Do you sense any other energies tied to your home? Any resistance? Do you feel you’ve already been accepted and embraced by this home?

Tarot Reading to Connect with Your Home

You could do a tarot reading to connect with your home. This could uncover your home’s past and its energies and reveal your home’s guardian spirit. You can find out if there is any healing that needs to be done for your home if there has been something neglected, and how you and your home can be on the same page…working your magic together.

You can craft a tarot spread of your own, or you can use one that has already been created. Click here for a link to the tarot spread that I have made to connect to the spirit of the home. You can make whatever adjustments you’d like to make it your own.

Altar Creation & Refreshment

Your altar is a focal point for magic. Regularly cleanse and refresh your altar to maintain its potency. Add seasonal elements, new crystals, or items that symbolize your spiritual practice. Perhaps you’ve found a feather or a cool stone while out on a walk. You might have noticed the first blooms of snowdrops and wish to incorporate them.

Consider whether you need to refresh your intention. What do you wish to accomplish with your altar? Is it time to change things up? I like to whisper a little “thank you” to my altar as I clear things off of it, cleanse the space with a purification spray, and then set my intentions before adding items back to the altar.

Cleansing & Purification

A magical cleansing or purification ritual is a way to remove negative or unwanted energies from yourself, your objects, or your space. It is a good ritual to perform for your home because it is also a living space that can absorb and emit energy. 

By cleansing and purifying your house, you can ensure that the space is free of any past, negative, or stagnant energies that keep you from fully enjoying your space. You also create room to attract more positive energies to your home, such as health, prosperity, love, and happiness.

Magical purification methods are everywhere. I like to craft my own sprays infused with moon water and cleansing herbs or perform a saining ritual with ethically sourced incense or herbs. Sound cleansing with bells, singing bowls, or even music can also be powerful.

Enchanted Brooms, Sweeping Magic

Ah, the broom. It has been associated with magic for a long time. I have a post that I’m almost finished with about the magic of the broom, and I will link it here when it’s ready. I meant for it to be a short thing, but I really enjoyed diving deeper, and I’m excited to share some of what I have learned. 

Brooms are a purification tool and are often used to sweep with herbs, salts, and other magical ingredients. Brooms are also often used as a wand or staff, for divination, and even hung above doorways for protection. 

You can create a sweeping ritual with intention and magic by sprinkling a mixture of protective herbs like sage or rosemary to cleanse the space energetically. As you sweep, visualize sweeping away negativity and envision a clean and harmonious environment. 

You can chant spells or affirmations while sweeping to amplify the ritual’s power. By infusing such mundane tasks with magical intent, you honor the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual realms, cultivating a sacred space within your home.

Simmering Pots

Simmer pots offer a natural and enchanting way to infuse one’s living space with delightful scents, enhancing the ambiance and creating a cozy atmosphere. By incorporating herbs, oils, fruits, and other botanicals into the simmering concoction, a you can craft personalized blends that resonate with your intentions and magical goals.

Moreover, the act of simmering magical potions on the stove becomes a sacred ritual in itself, filling the home with carefully chosen intentions. As the aromas whirl through the air, they not only perfume the surroundings but also serve as a subtle reminder of the practitioner’s connection to nature and the elements. 

This practice aligns with the belief that a harmonious and fragrant home environment fosters a sense of well-being and spiritual balance, elevating mundane tasks into acts of magic and reverence.

For some recipe ideas from Green Witch Living click here.

Home Blessing Ritual

A home blessing ritual is a way to consecrate and sanctify your living space and make it sacred. It’s also a way to show gratitude and favor to your home. inviting positive energy and removing negative influences.

There are many, many home blessings out there. You may have something that’s been passed down in your family, or you might look into your family history to find something that means something to you. You can make your own.

Blessing your Home with Moon or Sun Water

You could take a bowl of moon or sun water around your home, dip your fingers into the water, or use something else like a sprig of Rosemary, a flower, or whatever else is meaningful and flick the water. You can use an incantation or just say or whisper your intentions for each space. 

You could draw symbols of protection on the door with the water or even give it a good wash. You can make a large batch of moon water and infuse it with herbs and other ingredients of your choosing. If you didn’t get a chance to charge the water, that’s fine, too. Even just speaking your intentions into plain water can be just fine. You can do this ritual around the perimeter of your yard, as well, or bless a new garden bed. 

To Salt or Not to Salt

Some do like to add salt to their moon water for prosperity and protection.  I am careful not to use salt on the earth. I don’t tend to use salt in the water I use indoors, either, as I like to know my moon water is safe for my houseplants.

Did you know The phrase “salt the earth” refers to the complete destruction or ruin of something, typically making it unusable or uninhabitable? This expression originated from an ancient custom where conquerors would spread salt over the ruins of cities they had razed, effectively cursing the land to prevent any future inhabitation or use. 

Epsom Salt

I don’t particularly want to salt my earth. I will, however, add Epsom salt to the garden and my houseplants, as it helps to germinate seeds and grow plants bushier. Putting Epsom salt in enchanted water, or regular water, is a common practice of mine. It also goes wonderfully in a relaxing bath ritual, and I can still use it to sprinkle around the house.

Epsom salt is generally fine to be sprayed around the house and can actually be very useful as an abrasive cleaner. Just be mindful that it is abrasive. Certain materials can be damaged, even just with water. It is important to know what is and isn’t safe for use around your home. Consider things like your furniture, your electronics, marble, etc.

Home Protection Spells and Rituals

A protection spell is a type of magic that is believed to create a shield or a barrier around you and your home. It is to prevent harm, negativity, and unwanted influences from entering. You might especially want a protection spell if you feel unsafe, threatened, or vulnerable in your home, but it’s even better to do it as a preventative measure.

Going back to ancient times, people have turned to crystals and talismans to protect themselves, their families, and their homes from the unwanted, whether it be evil spirits, negative energies, thieves, or the nosey neighbor up the way. Some people choose to continue these practices. 

It’s up to you to decide for yourself, of course. Do you believe these were superstitions that are no longer necessary with the explanations of modern science? Or do you think there is some power there? Does it bring you comfort to perform it as a ritual? Is it grounding to you? 

One thing I love about my own belief system is that I am not obligated or shamed into believing anything, and my beliefs can even change from day to day. Ebb and flow. For the most part, though, I believe there is power in intention. 

Whether it is true magic or simple psychology, it doesn’t really matter to me if it’s working for me. Doing empowering rituals and other spells brings me balance, helps me focus, and makes my life more exciting. It reduces my anxiety. It is fun. I normally choose to believe.

Here’s a protection spell idea from Witch Craftisan.

Incorporate Nature

You can bring nature in to enhance the energy and atmosphere of your home. Herbs and other plants are often used for protection, healing, love, abundance, and more. 

Plant herbs and flowers outside, attracting helpful spirits and creating a vibrant sanctuary. Bring cuttings and flowers indoors, and decorate with natural elements like stones, driftwood, and dried flowers. Bringing the outdoors into your sacred space can help you feel close to nature, even when indoors.

Magical Houseplants

Houseplants can be known for their different magical properties, just as outdoor plants can be. You can select your plants based on the properties they have been known for, or you can choose the plants that speak to you or interest you the most and infuse them with your intentions.

Placing plants in strategic locations, such as doorways, windowsills, altars, and corners can emphasize your intentions. This can be a challenge, of course, because plants have needs of their own. If you really want a particular plant to grow in a particular location, you might have to bring in lights so that the plant can thrive there.

While this special placement can be a very powerful way to set your intentions, there is no need to focus too much on this. It is better to place the plants where they will thrive and work with them where they are than to place them in a place that does not work for them. 

Here’s an article from Llewellyn Worldwide if you’d like to dive deeper into some houseplants and their magical properties.

Magical Flower Arrangements?

I can’t wait to dive deeper into the flower realm. I’ve gone a little wild with flowers in the last couple of years. Perhaps even stretching myself thin, so some of the learning is yet to catch up, but you can expect to see some flower magic unraveling with me in the near future.

Having flowers, both indoors and outdoors, can infuse spaces with a sense of magic and enchantment. Certain flowers are believed to hold mystical properties to enhance spiritual energy and/or intention. For example, roses are associated with love and passion, so they often come up in love spells. Lavender is known for its calming and purifying qualities, often used in rituals to promote relaxation and spiritual clarity. By incorporating these flowers into arrangements, spiritual practitioners can amplify their magical intentions within their sacred spaces.

Moreover, the presence of pollinators like bees and butterflies adds another layer of magic to gardens. These creatures are revered in many spiritual traditions for their role in pollination, symbolizing fertility, transformation, and the cycle of life. When tending to a garden, we may honor these pollinators through rituals and offerings, fostering a deeper connection with nature and the divine.

In the home, flower arrangements serve as tangible expressions of magic and intention. By carefully selecting flowers and arranging them with mindful intention, individuals can create sacred spaces infused with positive energy and spiritual significance. 

Luna-Owl dives deeper into the use of flowers in magic


Wreaths are often circular arrangements, symbolizing eternity, life, and hope, but they can be made into other shapes, as well, such as in the shape of a crescent to honor the moon. You can make wreaths with magical properties in mind, to honor the changing seasons, for aesthetics, or a mix of all of these. 

A wreath made from holly and ivy may ward off evil spirits. Pinecones can bring luck and prosperity. Lavender is wonderful for stress reduction and healing. Rosemary is a very versatile option, often used as the catch-all of herbs, and it might be used for protection, purification, memory, focus, warding off negativity, or just to enhance the other properties you are using.

Plants that dry well and hold their shape are best for wreaths. I’ve made a wreath from the purple-flowered heads of a thistle plant, and it kept its shape and color very well for years!  Let’s briefly mention using cotton stems, though.

I hadn’t noticed the use of cotton in a wreath before seeing it on a Facebook post recently, and while the wreath was pleasing to the eye, the comment section revealed that people of color are definitely not feeling blessed by these. A friend explained it as though she was hearing her ancestor’s scream. This is something I would leave out of my practice.

Along with the plants, you can incorporate ribbons into your wreath, which symbolize unity, connection, celebration, and creativity. Their various colors could also be symbolic. Purple for intuition, green for properity, red for passion, etc. 

Bells can also be added and have often been seen as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, inviting archangels and deities; they’ve also been used to cleanse spaces and scare away evil forces. 

Get creative and use what speaks to you. Keys to open and close doors to other realms, to unlock potential, or to unlock the spell you wish to perform. Pentacles represent the elements and the spirit. Witch bottles or balls, crystals, stones, pendants and rings, photos… please share what items have significant meaning to you, as I am always looking for new ideas.

Other Natural Touches

Consider placing herbal sachets, pillows, or bags filled with dried herbs, flowers, spices, and crystals. You can use them for attracting love, enhancing dreams, healing, and various other purposes. They can be placed under pillows, in drawers, hung on doorknobs and bedposts… 

You can even place one inside your toilet paper rolls for the added benefit of a nice, herbal scent when anyone does their paperwork in your bathroom.

Keeping herbs on hand for tea preparations has the added benefit of releasing the scent into the air every time you make a steamy cup. 

Herbal infusions and tinctures are handy for bathing, spraying, and even drinking (make sure it is safe for you to consume!) You might use them for magical or medicinal qualities, such as using chamomile for tranquility and aiding in rest, bay leaf for psychic abilities, or comfrey for healing. These infusions can also be used to cleanse your home, tools, and yourself, or for psychically connecting to the spirits of your home.

Candles, Incense, and Oils

Used for spells, invocations, to enhance intentions and focus, and just to create an inviting atmosphere, candles, incense, and oils have a long history of use in magical practices and are still frequently used today.


Candles represent the fire element, the direction south, and the power of transformation. They can be used to symbolize the deities, spirits, or the goals of the practitioner and are often chosen based on the color, with each color representing something different.  They can be anointed with oil, carved with symbols and words, or dressed with herbs, crystals, and other charms to add to their potency. 


Incense is often used to represent the air element, the direction of east, and the power of communication. Incense can be used to bless your space and can be chosen based on the properties of its ingredients- or just because it has a nice scent.

Incense has a way of creating a sacred atmosphere, so it is often used to enhance mediation and divination, as well as to honor ancestors and guides.  It is my go-to method for a quick cleansing of stagnant energy in my home. I go from room to room, reaching the smoke into each corner.

I like to open up the windows in each room long enough for an incense stick to burn and the smoke to make its way out the window. Some days we will leave the house open longer, but on days that are too cold, the length of an incense stick is enough. On days that are too hot, we will wait until nighttime. 


Using oils in magical practices is a centuries-old tradition embraced by various cultures and spiritual traditions worldwide. Often infused with herbs, flowers, and other natural ingredients, the oils are believed to carry potent energies that can enhance spellwork, rituals, and spiritual ceremonies.

Oils can be selected to align with specific intentions, such as protection, love, abundance, or healing. When applied to candles, ritual tools, or the body, they serve as conduits for channeling intentions and manifesting desired outcomes. Additionally, oils can be used in anointing rituals to bless and consecrate sacred spaces, tools, or oneself.

Click here for a recipe for an anointing oil you can use on your garden tools to increase abundance.

Crystal Magic

Crystals are not only beautiful and captivating but also powerful and healing. They can transform the energy of your home, making it more harmonious, peaceful, and vibrant. Whether you want to attract more love, abundance, creativity, or protection, there is a crystal for every intention and every room. 

Click here for a blog post from Energy Muse that will show you how to use crystals for the home and which ones to choose for each space. You will learn how to create a crystal sanctuary that reflects your personality and supports your well-being. 

A Special Incantation

By the power of the moon and the stars

By the wisdom of the earth and the sea

By the grace of the sun and the fire

By the love of the spirit and the soul

I call upon the forces of nature

To bless this home and all who dwell within

To fill it with light and harmony

To shield it from darkness and discord

May this home be a sanctuary of peace

A temple of joy and beauty

A haven of healing and growth

A source of inspiration and abundance

So mote it be

In Conclusion…

Remember, enchanting your home is an ongoing journey. Experiment, explore, and, most importantly, infuse your magic with love and respect for your personal sanctuary. Let your home become a vibrant reflection of your magical self, an oasis of power, peace, and enchantment.

Further Exploration:

  • Research rituals and spells specific to your magical tradition for house blessings, protection, and cleansing.
  • Explore the magical properties of plants and herbs to find those that resonate with your intentions.
  • Discover the unique energies of different crystals and learn how to use them effectively in your home.
  • Share your experiences and learnings with other magic practitioners to create a supportive community at The Enchanted Hearth’s Facebook Group.

May your home be a haven of magic, reflecting your unique journey and empowering your practice. Blessed be!

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