How to Make a Modern Beltane Bonfire

How to Make a Modern Beltane Bonfire

And Bonfire Alternatives

Are you planning to make a bonfire for your Beltane celebration? Or are you looking for alternatives due to limitations or restrictions? This post will explore the Beltane bonfire and offer some other ideas for those who need other options.

If you want more Beltane ideas beyond the bonfire, click on this link, ENCHANTING YOUR LIFE WITH BELTANE MAGIC, to open a post in another window for more ideas on how to celebrate Beltane at your own enchanted hearth. Read on for inspiration for your own Beltane bonfire below…

A Beltane Bonfire Ritual

We have reached the threshold of Beltane. We find ourselves surrounded by blossoming flowers and the colorful growth of early May. Beltane is celebrated on the first of May. It is a time of fire, fertility, and festivity. A moment when the veil between worlds is thin, and the earth is ripe with magic. This a time to light the flames of passion and celebrate the union of the Goddess and the God, representing the fertility of the land.

In the heart of this ancient festival lies the Magical Beltane Bonfire. It honors the light of the sun. It invites us to pass through its smoke for purification and blessing. Creating your own Beltane bonfire is a personal ritual that combines your intentions with the energies of the season. Therefore, whether you’re a solitary practitioner or gathering with your coven, the fire you kindle is a spark of the divine, a sacred space for reflection, renewal, and connection with the natural world.

Read on for some ideas for a Beltane bonfire of your own, and to get some alternative ideas as well. You may have fire restrictions in your area or limited space, but this doesn’t need to stop you from honoring the spirit of the Beltane bonfire. I hope you find some inspiration, and may your Beltane bonfire (or alternative) burn bright!

Setting the Scene for your Beltane Bonfire:

  • Choose a serene outdoor location, preferably near a garden or natural setting. Arrange stones or logs in a circular pattern to create your sacred fire pit.
  • Decorate the area with fresh flowers, ribbons, and symbols of fertility (such as eggs or seeds).

Fire Lighting:

  • At twilight, all participants gather around the circle with a bundle of dried herbs and or flowers. It is fine to do this alone.
  • Have a moment of silence, eyes closed if it is comfortable, and visualize your desires. What brings you pleasure? Is there something you desire for your life? What do you most want to plant, nourish, birth, and protect in your life (metaphorically and literally, if you like)? How do you want your space to feel? What will the energy of you be that others will feel in your presence? What will life feel like?
  • Whisper or blow your intentions into the bundle, infusing it with your energy and desire. 
  • Light the bundles from an existing flame (such as a candle) and then use the bundles to light the bonfire.

Beltane Bonfire Incantation:

  • Stand before the bonfire, hands outstretched toward the flames.
  • Speak the following incantation:

“By fire’s light, I call forth desire,

From embers to bloom, my dreams inspire.

Maiden’s spark, Mother’s might,

Triple goddess, weave your magic tonight.

Abundance flows, both wild and tame,

As Beltane’s fire ignites our flame.”

  • Repeat the incantation three times, allowing your words to enchant the flames. You can replace the incantation with one that is better suited to you or make one of your own.

Add an Abundance Spell:

  • Each participant holds a small offering—a seed, a coin, or a piece of fruit.
  • One by one, toss your offering into the flames.
  • As you release it, visualize your desires manifesting and multiplying.
  • Feel the warmth of the fire embracing your intentions.

Sensual Connection:

  • Beltane celebrates sensuality and passion. If you are comfortable, invite participants to connect with their bodies through dance and movement. You can further increase the sensuality and sexuality of your ritual if in the company of consenting adults, but be sure everyone is comfortable and safety is prioritized. Remember, Beltane is about celebrating and protecting what is sacred.
  • Enjoy ripe fruit (such as a strawberry or peach). You might share a fruit with someone else, symbolizing the union of energies.
  • Savor the taste, acknowledging the pleasure of life and creation.

Closing the Ritual:

  • Thank the triple goddess, nature, or whatever deity or force you worked with for their presence and blessings.
  • If you have time, you can let the bonfire burn down naturally, knowing its energy will continue to work in your life; do not leave it unattended. If you do not have the time to let the fire die down naturally, respect nature first and lovingly put it out. Use water and a shovel, and ensure there is no smoke. All it takes is a little wind to reignite an ember and create destruction. 

Alternatives to Bonfires

Not everyone can have 2 big bonfires side-by-side, let alone one small one. Local laws, fire restrictions, space, and other factors can limit our ability to have the traditional bonfires of the past. 

This doesn’t mean we cannot keep the spirit of those fires alive in other ways. We can even omit the fire altogether; sometimes, this is the most respectful way to honor the earth. It is better to visualize heat rising off a red tulip than to try to sneak a tea-light candle into a thirsty forest and destroy it.

You can add a sacred flame to your Beltane ritual with above-ground fire pits and bowls, candles, lanterns, and other fire vessels. Even lighting a match for a moment can be enough. These changes may altar other parts of your ritual, such as whether or not you have ashes to use later, but you can easily adjust for these.

Campfire or In-Ground Wood Burning Fire Pit

The most obvious alternative to two giant bonfires is to have a small one or do something larger than a campfire. Deciding how to contain your fire can open up some opportunities for additional magic, too. Perhaps you make a ring of stones, and some of them have sentimental meaning or come from a special place.

You won’t have 2 fires to walk between unless, of course, you’ve planned for 2 fire pits, but everyone knows it’s easy enough to get in the smoke of a campfire just by standing around it. Your turn will come! 

Remember fire safety. Always keep a shovel and bucket of water near your fire, and never leave it unattended. 

Propane for Beltane Bonfire

A propane fire table may not bring the same impressive picture when we imagine having a sacred Beltane Fire Festival, and we wouldn’t have billows of smoke to pass our backyard chickens through… but you have a real fire. Real heat to gather around. 

The lack of smoke can be a bonus for modern purposes, considering that not many of us have a bunch of cattle anyway… and we could always light incense. I like to light a brick of cedar-scented incense near my propane table-top fire pit (or just toss one right into its flames). It ignites my senses and makes me feel like I’m at a wood-burning fire. 


This is often the simplest way to incorporate fire into a ritual. Candles come in many different colors, and you can use them outdoors or indoors to symbolize Beltane or your intentions. 

One way to replace the bonfire is to use a collection of candles. Choose a number that is symbolic to you or enough of them to make a circle the size you would like to use. You can choose colors that replicate the colors of a fire or any color combination you choose based on what is meaningful to you or what you have on hand.

You might place these candles where a fire would be, in a circle, in a group inside a ring of stones, or even somewhere inside your house. Of course, keep safety in mind! 

A large ring of burning candles on your living room floor might be safe enough when you and a group of others are actively performing a ritual around them, but it is a disaster waiting to happen if you’re going to look away for even a moment.

If being able to walk away is important, you might opt for just a single candle. Place it somewhere very safe. I have a cast iron cauldron I burn candles inside of, so even if they happen to tip over, any flame should be contained in the cauldron. I then placed the cauldron somewhere it could tip over and be safe, despite the fact that it’s a sturdy vessel and it would take an earthquake to be tipping it over. 

Like with the propane option, this does not necessarily provide smoke or ashes for rituals. You can use incense, or another alternative if you choose to, or create entirely new rituals for your Beltane.

Fire Alternatives

Basically, you can use any form of fire rather than a bonfire. Lanterns, or even just matches, are some options I didn’t mention, but all you need is a little creativity and will, and you can find a way to make do with what you can. This is also true if you want to stay away from fire altogether. Maybe Beltane snuck up on you, and you can’t find a lighter.

The Sun

The sun itself is a ball of fire. Is it not? There are also many colors and things that might represent fire. I mentioned above that it is better to imagine heat coming off of a red tulip than to burn down a forest…well, what about a ring of red flowers? A vase of red roses? 

Altars and Artistic Representations

You can use a fire pit, but instead of placing a fire in it, turn it into an altar. Or maybe use things to make an artistic representation of a fire to gather around. Paint a fire. Do a chalk drawing of a fire on your patio or sidewalk. Place a fire-colored wreath on your front door. Maybe just keep your TV on the fire channel while you’re enjoying a Beltane feast.


You can gather bright flowers that represent the sun and scatter them in a ring to stand around, or you can put them in a vase as a centerpiece for your festivities. A wreath symbolizing fire or the sun can also be a great alternative to fire.

These are some ideas to get your imagination going, but you can be as creative as you like. While it is certainly powerful to use a ritual the way it has been used by many others in the past, there is also a lot of power in connecting to your intentions and the source of creativity to come up with your own.

Alternatives for the Ashes of the Beltane Bonfire

It wasn’t just the bonfire itself that was sacred. The smoke from the fire was sacred, and even the ashes used afterward were considered to have protective properties. If you do not have a wood-burning fire, what do you do in place of the ashes?

What Makes the Beltane Bonfire Ashes Sacred

Well, I find it helpful to look at what made the ashes powerful in the first place. Ashes symbolize transformation, even in modern-day practices. They are often used for protection and transformation spells. 

The ashes used during the ancient Beltane festivals came from a fire that had already been made sacred, at least with the powerful incantations used, but we can imagine there was a lot more intention being placed into it than just that. The fires themselves were already seen as very, very sacred and special.

The energy of all the people gathered, and the festivities and rituals performed there would add to the sacredness of that fire. It makes sense that they would leave nothing to waste, scoop up remnants of that fire, and spread them on themselves and their animals, using every bit of the magic and protection they could get from a fire that was made so powerful by so many.

Create Ashes or Omit

So, if you’d still like to incorporate ashes into your Beltane rituals, you could use ashes from another source, such as an incense or a previous fire, or you could make your own in a cauldron as mentioned below in the section about altars…but I personally omit it during this time. Those ashes do not hold the same powers that the Beltane ashes of old would, so I don’t find it to be a priority to incorporate ashes into my Beltane if I don’t have a wood fire… but I will look around at the end of rituals and festivities to see if something might be charged with some leftover power.

Items with Leftover Charge

Processed with VSCO

If you used flowers to represent fire and spent any amount of time pouring your intentions and energy into them, you may not want to dump them onto your compost pile unceremoniously (though you can give offerings to your compost ceremoniously if you choose!). You may sense that the flowers are now sacred.

Perhaps you’ll use the flower petals in a ritual bath later, select a few to go on your altar or use them to bring positive energy around your home. You could also gift leftover flowers and food crumbs to the Fae or the wildlife in your yard. 

Perhaps you’re like me, and you’ve got some backyard chickens, but you did not walk them between two bonfires in your yard. Maybe they didn’t come to join you at the fire because they prefer to use their free-range time roosting on your Traeger in your covered patio, staring at people inside the house. So you will later feed them some flowers and clover from where the sacred festivities happened. 

More About Beltane

If you want to read more about Beltane, the following links are some that I find useful:

Beltane- By

Enchanting Your Life with Beltane Magic- The Enchanted Hearth

Beltane Celebration: Fires, Faeries, & Love- The Wholesome Witch

In Closing

As the embers of our Beltane bonfire slowly fade into the twilight, we carry with us the warmth of the fire’s glow and the spark of inspiration it has kindled within our hearts. We’ve danced in the flickering shadows, cast our dreams into the flames, and felt the embrace of the community and the spirits of the land. This magical bonfire is more than just a blaze; it’s a symbol of our connection to the ancient rhythms of the earth and the continuous cycle of growth and renewal.

May the magic of this Beltane bonfire illuminate your path and warm your soul throughout the coming year. Let the fire’s light guide you in your spiritual journey, and may the seeds of your intentions, planted tonight, blossom into a bountiful harvest. Blessed Beltane to all, and may your hearth always be enchanted.

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